IT'S TRUE: You're being invited into Salesumentary 2.0 for 90% off. Get a high-converting evergreen cinematic VSL, Sales Page, Sales Copy, and Ads in 6 weeks. Only 5 spots left in 2022.

Watch this video for a behind the scenes look:

Let's cut to the chase: what was once $70K - $120k, is now only $10k.

We've been helping the world's best coaches, agency owners, and info-preneuers scale their business past 8-figures since 2014.

(And we still are)

But times have changed. We've entered an economic downturn, and I'm seeing a lot of people getting spooked. It doesn't have to be that way for you.

Here's the reality:

These screen shots are 100% real. 

Of the 1,293 entrepreneurs who applied, we've only been able to accept less than 7% due to our prices.

We've helped that 7% make 10's of millions of dollars (you'll see proof below)...

But our mission isn't just the big names.

It's leaders with who have a strong message, a proven offer, and care about transforming their clients.

So I took my one-on-one experience and evolved into a group program, which cut our costs HUGE!

So instead of keeping our prices high, I decided to invest those savings back into your pocket so the 1000+ applicants (including you) can afford this life-changing service.

Now you can get a super powerful cinematic VSL, sales funnel, sales copy, and a whole slew of social media ads for 93% off.

But if you know you've been on the sidelines just ITCHING to get a Salesumentary for your business, this is your chance. 

It's limited to 10 people in the month of August, and you'll have a personal interview with me (Jeremy Finlay) so I know with 100% certainty this will make you $100k to $1,000,000 this year.

Click below to book a 20 minute call with me to see if you're the right fit:

A sales movie that concisely packages your story, product, and pitch to the market in a compassionate, pro way.

A sales funnel to move your people from problem aware to purchasing your product or booking a call.

Well-written direct-response copy that attracts and converts your dream clients and repels the rest who aren't a fit.

Experience a conference from the comfort of your own home

This year alone in 2022, we've helped the industries top names crush their campaigns & promotions (from challenges, to webinars, to high-ticket), and now you get access to what the biggest names in the industry are doing for over 93% off.

Dean & Tony came to us to create sales videos & ads for the biggest challenge on planet earth right now. Needless to say, we crushed it for them. And in Dean's own words, he says "I've been waiting for this kind of video for 20 years..."

Now, we're gearing up to crush Mike Tyson's latest sales video.

Then we helped Warrior sell over $300k in tickets within 7 days using the same copy, video, and funnel framework we've used since the beginning. Here's the sales video we made, see the funnel we built below.

How To Turn Your Spark, Into A FIRE!
Day 2: NAIL IT
How To Master The FOUR FUNNELS That Drive 98% Of Your Sales...
After You’ve Nailed It…
This Is How It Works...
Step #1 - Schedule
Click the button and schedule a quick 25 minute call.
Step #2 - Interview
In this conversation you'll speak directly with Jeremy Finlay. We'll identify where you're at, your current struggles, and what your next 12 months look like in promotions  (high ticket funnels, challenges, launch, SaaS, etc.).
Step #3 - Investment
If accepted as one of the few, you'll then make an investment over the phone of $6,000 for our virtual experience, or $10,000 for the on-set experience. Both work great. We'll decided which is the best fit for you on the call.
Let's go.
We're committed to business leaders with a mission to transform their people, period.

This has been our aim since 2014, and will continue to be our aim.

I'm genuinely thrilled I can distill the best parts of what has been a $75k to $100k experience into the something much more affordable, but still incredibly powerful and effective.

I love telling stories. I will love telling your story.

You have a duty and a calling to get your message out there, especially right now during this recession.

The fear, doubt, and worry that is ruining the minds of your future clients are being lost in the noise if you don't stand up, be bold, and get out there. 

This is your chance. I don't know how many more times I will provide this service in this way, and I promise with all my heart this experience will be more than worth your experience. 

There's never been a more urgent time to spread more certainty. The industry is ripe, and only the certain will survive.

Let us help you get your certainty back with proven world-class marketing & sales assets to skyrocket your brand and 3x or more your revenue.

Click the link below to schedule a personal session with me. Look forward to our time together.

With love,

- Jerem Finlay
Answers to all of your burning questions 
What is Salesumentary 2.0?
Everything inside of our original Flagship Salesumentary experience, distilled from a 6 month one-on-one experience into a 6-week group experience. You still work with Jeremy and his team to craft cinematic sales videos, funnels, copy, and launch strategy.
What do I get with it?
- You get a roughly 5 minute cinematic sales movie (Salesumentary) you can make money with forever.
- A marketing funnel, designs, sales copy.
- A shoot day on set in Los Angeles.
- 6 weeks of coaching with Jeremy Finlay and his team
- 3 social ad variants to use for traffic
- The Salesumentary flagship course & templates
- 10 years of marketing data & principle
- An official Salesumentary Hollywood Slate
- On-Set with a Hollywood director (Demian L.)
Do you guys consult me on the whole marketing process?
Yes. During the 6 weeks you hop on a weekly call personally with Jeremy Finlay to guide you through every step of the process. From start to launch. 
Do I get all the assets of our shoot?
Yes. We hand you a google drive with any of your footage, the motion design assets we've mocked up for you, and so on. This lets you have assets you can re-use for a year or longer.
I'm super busy, but I want to do this. How much work is actually required of me?
This is a done with you experience. You'll hop on a call once a week with us to guide through every step. 6 hours over 6 weeks, plus we help you implement the funnels & copy.
How long is my Salesumentary?
Your movie will be a 5 minute cinematic VSL that'll pack a huge punch. Many offers don't require the long sales movies we've made, and most of what we do these is short form. 
Do you help me launch my funnel?
Yep. We have a few proven challenge funnels, high-ticket funnels, and SaaS funnels, and launch funnels from over the years, so you'll select which business model and campaign you're going to run, and we'll help you implement it. You'll be connecting a few links together. If you want us to do it for you, there's a $500 link fee.
How much is it?
If you choose our virtual-only option (where you don't show up on set), it's $6k. If you choose our Los Angeles option, it's $10k. Both work great, and it just comes down to whether you want to be on set with us, or stay virtual and we edit.
Is there a limit?
There's a limit to 10 people in August to ensure quality control and timely delivery. We may allow more people in the future. 
Is there a guarantee?
Here’s our "Elite or Else" guarantee:

I guarantee that if you’re making 7-figures, have a proven offer, and have built a world that you want us to bring to life… you don’t need a guarantee. But we have one anyway.

If you don't make your investment back 10x from leveraging our process, I'll refund your money and you can keep your assets for life. 
How long until I launch my movie?
It's a 6 week turn around from start of our program to the completion of your movie.
How do I know if I'm qualified for a Salesumentary?
Baseline: You have an offer you've proven, you're spending money on traffic consistently every month, and you've crossed the $100k mark. 

We can rock and roll with you from there. 

We've helped people from scratch as well. Just know, if you haven't proven an offer, we can't help you with some of the business basics. 

Our process can still help you short cut years of pain, but you also need to do the dirty work of crafting a great offer that helps people. 
What if I'm camera shy?
We guide you through a whole process to access confidence and certainty, while at ease, on set. We've worked with celebrities and complete newbies who've never recorded a video in their life... we know how to frame you up to look like a pro.

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