Transform Your Business & Establish Market Authority
Salesumentary Movies Made by Jeremy Finlay Have Helped Generate $59,000,000+ in Direct Sales Across 26+ Industries  And Millions More In Directorial Consulting*
Transform Your Business & Establish Market Authority
Harness the intrigue of Hollywood filmmaking and the power of documentary story-telling into a high-converting, sales-focused movie to position you, your brand, and your products light-years above your competition and massively increase your sales and authority-positioning.

Pioneer of the method & Director, Jeremy T. Finlay, first changed the way the market saw sales-documentaries back in 2014 with the launch of the first Warrior Week film.

Since 2013, he's helped companies from all over the world combine the most alluring aspects of cinematic film into brass-tacks direct-response marketing principles - creating a lethal movie-combo guaranteed to win the hearts of your audience and unleash their wallets in the process. Are you ready for your Salesumentary? Apply now. Spots are almost gone in 2020.
If you're an entrepreneur ready to position yourself or your brand as a Celebrity Expert Authority with an industry-defying and high-converting Salesumentary, apply now.
Chalene Johnson

Chalene turned to us looking for a "video editor who understands sales" for their most recent 7-figure launch of her flagship Marketing Impact Academy.

Chalene Johnson is a world-renowned motivational speaker with more than 30 years as a health expert. She is a New York Times best-selling author, health and lifestyle expert, and top health podcaster with over 20 million downloads of her show. 

Daymond John Launch

Daymond John & Pedro Adao launched a brand new challenge, and we covered the bases for his entire funnel & sales video sequence inside of the front end funnels and the back end sales page. Here's a small teaser of a successful 6 figure launch we helped Pedro and Daymond launch. 

Pedro Adao: Movement Maker 2021 Challenge

We consulted and created the ads and sales videos that led to $2.4 million in sales... making Pedro's 48th consecutive challenge a smashing success!

Clients On Demand

Russ Ruffino runs one of the world's most successful coaching companies for high-ticket sales. He came to us to produce and create a full-length documentary to showcase how he's helped create tens of millionaires through his program COD. This documentary was just released, and we'll provide a full report on the results by the end of 2020!

Crush It With Challenges Launch

We engineered and drove the funnel development, email marketing, page design, and all sales movies for one of the biggest internet launches of 2020, presented by Pedro Adao. This launch produced over $6,000,000 in total sales during the course of a 45 day launch & 3 day virtual mastermind event. 

Peak Performance

Talor Zamir runs one of the world's most successful supplement companies for active entrepreneurs. We produced a documentary to showcase his incredible origin story that lead to the creation of Peak Performance.

Mark Jennison

We recently teamed up with Mark to help scale the IAMACOMEBACK brand and movement.

IAMACOMEBACK uses a cutting edge system to help men overcome their alcoholism without going to conventional support group meetings or even leaving their home. It boasts a 90%+ success rate.

Legacy Farmer

Jace Young runs the #1 training organization for farmers across the US, and wanted to create a compelling sales movie to help close his clients before hopping on their sales calls. It worked like gang busters and increased his phone close ratio to nearly 100% using the Salesumentary method.

Warrior Week Plus

Lead Trainer Sam Falsafi runs the #1 experiential training program for businessmen in the world. When it was time to translate a physical event into a virtual experience, we took the steering wheel and built out a complete sales video & sales page that immediately sold out several events worth of tickets. 


Chris Ronzio is the Founder of Trainual, the #1 software company for employee training & company playbooks. He approached us to create a powerful story & documentary that showcased the power of the platform, the results its created, as well as the origin story -- all in one.

Big Money Stylist Sales Video

Danielle White runs the #1 training company for hair stylists to grow their business to 6 and 7 figures. We helped grow this company to do tens of millions in revenue through the sales video & branding. This sales video alone sold 275 $5,000 tickets. 

Big Money Stylist Mastermind Event

When we got to the event itself, we created a whole new sales video to help sell the DKW Academy Mastermind. Through doing what we did best, we absolutely crushed it:

  • Converted 81% of the room to an 18 Month Coaching Offer
  • Successfully over-sold the offer with a total gross of $3.1 million between event & offer
  • Again, broke records in the hair industry for never pulling off this kind of event. 
Kia & Mazda

We had Chris @ Kia/Mazda approach us to make a short film to showcase one of their local dealerships in San Diego, to set it apart from the rest and drive new sales.

DKW High-end Salon
Helped Package & Position High-End Salon
  • Packaged and sold a premium Salon experience
  • ​Positioned the Salon above all other hair salon's 
  • ​Generates automated-qualified leads
Warrior Week 
  • Packaged and positioned a premium transformational event
  • Put Warrior Week on the global map
  • Remains to be the most transformational events on the market for married businessmen with children
Innovation Bootcamp
  • Packaged and positioned a premium online course for Innovation
Warrior Con 3
Helped Sellout a 1,200 Man Conference
  • Sold 1,200 tickets to the annual WarriorCon event
Kings Kit Challenge
Sold 9,000+ $100 30 Day Challenges
  • Used as a cold-traffic asset to convert people into a 30 Day Challenge
  • Sold over 9,000 30 Day Challenges 
Warrior Wealth
Helped Sell Premium Financial Services
  • Generated qualified leads for premium financial services
  • Packaged and positioned above the rest of the industry with a refreshing brand and approach
7 years and 8 industries will teach you a lot about what works, and even more about what doesn't. 

Long-form, short-form, color, branding, style, flair, script, story, outcome. There's a lot to handle. 

We've found a perfect balance between a handy framework and learning how to customize that framework so it only lifts up the vary best parts of your brand, story and product.

You can hire some stooges off the street with a nice camera for a lot less... but it's not just about the quality of the image - it's the subconscious triggers and cross-breeding of every element that makes this thing sing. 

Work with the original maestro, or waste your money on a knock-off. 

Definition: Sales-Getting Documentary = Salesumentary

What's the difference between a movie people watch over and over, and an ad they skip after 1 second? It's a mixture of emotion, story & intrigue. A Salesumentary bridges the gap of education, entertainment, and empowerment - creating a sales experience people will not only BUY from - but WATCH repeatedly.

It's not just about the flash or creating fascination - it's about leads, sales, and market positioning. We do this through merging classic direct-response strategy with modern technology - creating an experience of DELIGHT, BONDING, TRUST and CONVERSION. Sure, Salesumentary will make you cooler, but the focus is to transform your business.

A Salesumentary is not about gags, fictional characters or pretend brand ambassadors you hired off the street. It's about the real, true and authentic stories of you, your brand, your product and your customers. More than ever, people want real relationships to the products they use and people they buy from. People see past the fake. When they feel what's real, they will buy repeatedly - increasing lifetime client value in the process.
No one else in the marketing industry (or the world) has the track-record, acumen and artistic-sensibilities to combine branding, marketing, sales, film making, sound-design, motion-design, music and long-form story telling into a power-packed video to unleash profit, industry-wide influence, and transformation for you, your company and your legacy. To be the best, you work with the best. Period. Are you ready?
Let's real-talk for a moment.

If you're starting from scratch and have no business, no clients, no results, no revenue... you're not ready for a Salesumentary. We love and respect your hustle, and even believe in who you will become. We root for the underdogs. 

A Salesumentary is designed for companies, brands or experts with all of the pieces there, but the pieces lay scattered on the floor.

You have the results, the story, the product, the people... all of it, and need an expert to help package and position it into a world-class movie experience.
Jeremy T. Finlay is best known in the industry for his tenure as Head of Marketing for Wake Up Warrior from 2014 to 2018 alongside Founder Garrett J. White.

He's spoken in front of thousands (like Funnel Hacker Live, WarriorCon, Innovation Bootcamp, and PickleCon to name a few) about the art of filmmaking, marketing philosophy, and modern advertising strategy. 

But it wasn't always glitz and glam.

Everything began while Jeremy served as an assistant to Garrett in the early stages of Warrior Week.

"Jer"... Garrett said after the end of the event.. "We need a documentary to really show this off. See what you can do."

Wondering how the hell he'd pull it off, Jeremy found an obscure PDF on the internet after literally Googling "how to make a documentary". So he went to work.

Two months later, after stringing together a series of random video shoots with Garrett, the first Salesumentary was launched to the marketplace and Wake Up Warrior began its ascent to Industry Category King.
Each year, they'd roll out new movie campaigns as a tip-of-the-spear weapon to dominate the industry, grow a global movement, and make millions in the process.

In today's noisy attention-craving battlefield, there are few better ways to pierce through the status quo than with a breakout marketing asset like a Salesumentary.

If you feel you fit the bill to have your own Salesumentary made by the original creator, apply now.
Coaches, Consultants, Thought-Leaders, Authors, Speakers & Movement Leaders who want to take their brand to the cutting-edge of marketing and increase their speaking, coaching or consulting fees while disrupting their market with a powerful sales-getting evergreen Documentary.
Business Owners & Entrepreneurs who want to showcase their brand, company, product or clients in a compelling, immersive & industry-defying way to create celebrity authority and increase perceived value of the product. 
An Established Brand Wanting To Engineer A New Product Launch, Brand Launch, Conference or Event To Sell Out Seats, Product and Beyond. A Salesumentary debut is an EVENT even your most skeptical prospects will be excited to watch -- ultimately creating customers from people who have been on the sidelines for years.
We've Got It Down To A Science - So You Don't Need to Wait 2 Years Like Most Production Companies Take.  Literally 30 Days From Acceptance You 
Could Be Launching Your Salesumentary™ To The Market
It all starts with the master plan, script, and strategy. We decide your current sales outcome and apply the film strategy according to it. 
We'll dial in your scheduled days of shooting both on-site and on a sound-stage if necessary. Get the people, places, and physical product.
Lights, camera, action! The team and I will fly out to you and we'll have a smashing  3-4 days of sublime shooting and to capture the magic.
Now for the big reveal. We'll have your prospects, customers, and traffic all teed up to show the launch of your Salesumentary.
The Salesumentary process is personalized and proven - but it's not just about the film itself - it's about the overall marketing and sales plan for your brand, product, or service, so it does what it's meant to: SELL HEARTS and OPEN DEEP POCKETS. Below are a few FAQ's we get in the process.
How Does The Interview Process Work?
When you apply, we take 24 hours to review your application and go over exactly what you're looking for.  If you're pre-approved for an interview, we'll arrange a 30 minute conversation over the phone. 
Do You Help Me Create The Marketing & Sales Strategy?
Absolutely. Our role is in helping you create a film that is beautiful, captivating and high-converting. This is where our expertise come in to bridge all of the pieces you have into one unified film and launch strategy. 
What If I'm Not Good On Camera?
Don't sweat it! We've worked with experts all the way to people afraid of doing selfies. We'll help you get comfortable, deliver your best, and make you (or your product) look like a movie star in the end product. 
We Like Your Voice. Will You Narrate My Video?
If including a narrator serves your story and video, then yes. Jeremy has been hired many times to lend his voice to a story through video and audio. Ideally? It's your voice, so the audience can bond with you. But we're open to discussing.
Do You Hire Talent / Actors To Represent My Brand?
No. We want the real thing - not some character based in fantasy. The special allure of documentary film is that it's honest, human, and relationship building. This is why it works. We help bring out the essense of you, your company, brand, movement or service - and present it on a relatable silver-platter - so they create bonding and trust with YOU and YOUR company. Not some goofy character who doesn't exist.
Will You Drive Traffic To My Salesumentary?
No. We focus solely on the film making and marketing strategy, not the traffic. You will need to have your own traffic team in place, but we will help you craft a traffic-strategy between email, digital and print - as part of the creation process. 
What If I Want Multiple Shorter Videos?
We tailor the length and number of films to the marketing strategy you're creating. Not all Salesumentaries are cut-and-dry cookie cutter 60-minute movies. Based on the outcome of your campaign movie - that may call for a series of shorter, high-quality and high-potency videos that guide your prospect to the sale. We will discuss these over your interview. 
What If I Already Have A Video Team?
Not a problem at all, we play well with others. We can discuss how to incorporate them into the creation-process, if necessary. Otherwise, our in-house team will handle everything for you. 
What Is Your Post-Production Workflow?
Our post-production stack is on Adobe software: Premier Pre, After Effects, Audition and Photoshop in tandem... for the most beautiful cocktail of video you've ever seen.
Is This About Going Viral?
The focus is not about going viral. We're after sales... not views. Views and social proof are important. But the focus is conversion. 1,000,000 views of the wrong audience can equal a very low conversion. We focus on the audience most likely to purchase, and help you craft a strategy to get this movie in front of that audience...
What Are Your Mastermind Dates?
If you're accepted into the group, you'll get an official welcome package and all of the dates will be inside. We'll discuss dates with you on the phone if need be. 
Can My Video Team Make Edits After Completion?
Yes, you'll have the original edit file - and if you want to make any adjustments after launch, or for future episode-style movies, you are more than welcome to do what you like!
Can I Make Revisions To My Salesumentary?
Yes. We have an allotment of 2 editing revisions set aside for you in the process. Anything beyond more than 2 rounds of edits will be arranged for an editing fee we'll discuss, should we need to cross that bridge. 
What Is The Investment?
It varies based on your campaign outcome. Our rates begin at $15,000 for smaller editing projects and some of our largest projects have exceeded $250,000 + revenue sharing. We are flexible and reasonable in the creation process.
What Cameras Do You Shoot With?
We shoot everything in stunning 4K with industry-grade lenses. Our cameras are usually a mix between Sony A7sii, Sony A9, and RED Scarlet Cinema camera when needed for special occasions. 
Can We Just Hire You For Consulting?
Of course. If you are only looking for the sales & marketing blueprint  so your team can personally create the movie, we'll arrange for a in-depth array of each duplicatable step. 
Will You and Your Team Travel Internationally?
Yes. Based on the scope of your project, story, and outcome - we can arrange international travel so long as it serves the end-result: selling your product. We avoid lavish trips and prefer working nimble. 
Can I Have The Raw Film & Motion Assets?
Once the film is finished, we will give to you a hard-drive of every shoot, motion graphic, audio sound-design and beyond - including the Premier Pro template we used to edit your film. This lets you pull apart and re-use any of the assets in the process for future film creation outside of us. 
Will You Build My Funnel With The Movie?
As part of the bonus, we will help you create a special 2-page launch funnel exclusively for your Salesumentary using ClickFunnels software. We are not a funnel-building agency, but we provide a lightweight funnel to support your launch. Of course, you can use this Salesumentary video on any of your existing pages, funnels or social media accounts outside of the light-weight 2 page funnel we make for you.
Can You Use Footage I Already Have?
Absolutely. If you have existing footage of you, your product, your service, your team and anything else that would serve making your Salesumentary great - we'll use it in crafting and showing the story - especially if it's footage you've captured over years of work. 
How Do You Handle Music Licensing?
We handle the music licensing and costs in-house, and will be meant for one specific use in your film. Once delivered, we will give you copies of the licensing contracts for your records.
How Long Is The Average Salesumentary?
We make it roughly 20 minutes in length to really show the full depth & story. However, the campaign, story & offer very much influence the length. The shortest Salesumentary piece is roughly 5 minutes, and larger projects will be up to 90 minutes. We'll discuss scope on our interview.
Can I Publish My Movie On Netflix, Hulu or Amazon?
Amazon would be your best-case scenario for publishing, but with our publishing & licensing-contracts for music, we'll need to play an Amazon-Prime release in the beginning stages to make the correct licensing agreements. Any talks about distribution will add a Distribution fee, with you also paying for increased licensing fees for any music used. 
I Already Have A High-Converting Webinar. Is This Better?
While webinars have their place in digital marketing land, these are two completely different marketing assets. It's like asking the difference between a cheeseburger or a Filét Mignon. A Salesumentary is a rich, in-depth, immersive movie for your audience to be inspired by personally, and to ultimately buy from. A webinar is a few nicely-designed one-diemensional slides. If you're wondering, then a Salesumentary is probably not for you.
Can You Make Me A Sandwich?
Sure. What kind of cheese do you prefer?
Remember the GoldenGun from James Bond?

(It's a weapon so elite it kills even the unkillable villain with one single bullet)

A Salesumentary is your Golden Gun for more profit, recognition and industry influence. 

After engineering several 7+ figure launches, conferences, and internet campaigns, I've seen all sorts of ways this can be a raging success, and a poor failure...

...Firing enough rounds to get this science down to a single, best-in-class bullet for you to use in your industry.

I only work with the best, and you'll only get the best. Period.

I care about people who are up to big things to make a big impact in the world... and if that's you, I believe we're going to be a seriously fun fit.

Submit your application - and let's talk. 
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