Why the hell should you listen to me?

- Jeremy Finlay: highest paid sales documentary expert in the world.

- Was the CMO of Wake Up Warrior, the #2 at a company I helped launch from a million bucks a year to a multi-8-figure

- Known as the 8 and 9-Figure Business Whisperer

- Pioneered a method and transformed the marketing world with the Salesumentary Method, with everyone in the industry trying to reverse engineer how we made videos

- 2 comma club and 2 comma club x winner with Garrett J. White

- Spoken on the Clickfunnels stage twice ('15 & '16), and am consultant to some of the biggest names in the marketing industry

- I specialize in taking frustrated 6 and 7 figure earners, to repackage and reposition their offers for bigger influence, and greater speed to the 8 figure mark

- Personally driven over $50,000,000 in coaching and info sales across 7 industries with this process (without webinars and VSL's)

Daymond John Launch

Daymond John & Pedro Adao launched a brand new challenge, and we covered the bases for his entire funnel & sales video sequence inside of the front end funnels and the back end sales page. Here's a small teaser of a successful 6 figure launch we helped Pedro and Daymond launch. 

Crush It With Challenges Launch

We engineered and drove the funnel development, email marketing, page design, and all sales movies for one of the biggest internet launches of 2020, presented by Pedro Adao. This launch produced over $6,000,000 in total sales during the course of a 45 day launch & 3 day virtual mastermind event. 

Clients On Demand

Russ Ruffino runs one of the world's most successful coaching companies for high-ticket sales. He came to us to produce and create a full-length documentary to showcase how he's helped create tens of millionaires through his program COD. This documentary was just released, and we'll provide a full report on the results by the end of 2020!

Peak Performance

Talor Zamire runs one of the world's most successful supplement companies for active entrepreneurs. We produced a documentary to showcase his incredible origin story that lead to the creation of Peak Performance.

Legacy Farmer

Jace Young runs the #1 training organization for farmers across the US, and wanted to create a compelling sales movie to help close his clients before hopping on their sales calls. It worked like gang busters and increased his phone close ratio to nearly 100% using the Salesumentary method.

Warrior Week Plus

Lead Trainer Sam Falsafi runs the #1 experiential training program for businessmen in the world. When it was time to translate a physical event into a virtual experience, we took the steering wheel and built out a complete sales video & sales page that immediately sold out several events worth of tickets. 


Chris Ronzio is the Founder of Trainual, the #1 software company for employee training & company playbooks. He approached us to create a powerful story & documentary that showcased the power of the platform, the results its created, as well as the origin story -- all in one.

Big Money Stylist Sales Video

Danielle White runs the #1 training company for hair stylists to grow their business to 6 and 7 figures. We helped grow this company to do tens of millions in revenue through the sales video & branding. This sales video alone sold 275 $5,000 tickets. 

Big Money Stylist Mastermind Event

When we got to the event itself, we created a whole new sales video to help sell the DKW Academy Mastermind. Through doing what we did best, we absolutely crushed it:

  • Converted 81% of the room to an 18 Month Coaching Offer
  • Successfully over-sold the offer with a total gross of $3.1 million between event & offer
  • Again, broke records in the hair industry for never pulling off this kind of event. 
Kia & Mazda

We had Chris @ Kia/Mazda approach us to make a short film to showcase one of their local dealerships in San Diego, to set it apart from the rest and drive new sales.

DKW High-end Salon
Helped Package & Position High-End Salon
  • Packaged and sold a premium Salon experience
  • ​Positioned the Salon above all other hair salon's 
  • ​Generates automated-qualified leads
Warrior Week 
  • Packaged and positioned a premium transformational event
  • Put Warrior Week on the global map
  • Remains to be the most transformational events on the market for married businessmen with children
Innovation Bootcamp
  • Packaged and positioned a premium online course for Innovation
Warrior Con 3
Helped Sellout a 1,200 Man Conference
  • Sold 1,200 tickets to the annual WarriorCon event
Kings Kit Challenge
Sold 9,000+ $100 30 Day Challenges
  • Used as a cold-traffic asset to convert people into a 30 Day Challenge
  • Sold over 9,000 30 Day Challenges 
Warrior Wealth
Helped Sell Premium Financial Services
  • Generated qualified leads for premium financial services
  • Packaged and positioned above the rest of the industry with a refreshing brand and approach
7 years and 8 industries will teach you a lot about what works, and even more about what doesn't. 

Long-form, short-form, color, branding, style, flair, script, story, outcome. There's a lot to handle. 

We've found a perfect balance between a handy framework and learning how to customize that framework so it only lifts up the vary best parts of your brand, story and product.

You can hire some stooges off the street with a nice camera for a lot less... but it's not just about the quality of the image - it's the subconscious triggers and cross-breeding of every element that makes this thing sing. 

Work with the original Maestro, or waste your money on a knock-off.